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Caillou at 25: The Caillou’s Family Favorites Special Edition Box Set (Review)

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PBS KIDS VIPAt this point it’s hard to believe that just five years ago, I’d never heard of CAILLOU. It was that one day when we were still living in an apartment with newborn Addie when we happened to come across the show on Sprout – her little baby eyes immediately drawn to the little guy. Like the “Charlie Brown” of a new generation, CAILLOU would soon be revealed to be a very divisive little guy, one as equally loved as he is loathed (a very trendy bandwagon to hop), but a fantastic, and educational show based on the series of books by Chouette Publishing. When our family moved and established what would become known as Rock Father HQ, CAILLOU became an even more regular thing, watched daily on PBS KIDS (and Sprout), and then again experienced through the books, toys and puzzles. Now, in celebration of the character’s 25th Anniversary, PBS Distribution and DHX Media have released a special-edition of CAILLOU’S FAMILY FAVORITES, a DVD of classic episodes paired with a double-length soft-cover companion book housed in an attractive, flip-cover box (perfect for the upcoming Holiday gift season) with a foil-embossed logo.

If you’ve watched CAILLOU as much as we have, you’ve no doubt seen most (if not all) of the episodes presented here… because, after all, these are “family favorites,” and if you already have some CAILLOU DVDs, I should point out that the DVD portion of this collection is a re-issue – previously out in 2008, so check your collection before you buy. 


Episodes included on this set are as follows:

cailliutallCaillou’s Surprise
  • Caillou’s Surprise
  • A Surprise for Miss Martin
  • A Surprise Sleepover
People I Love
  • Mystery Valentine
  • Dancing at Grandma’s
  • Play Ball!
  • Caillou’s Sleepover Guest
Captain Caillou
  • Captain Caillou
  • The Loudest Noise
  • Caillou’s First Wedding
Knowing How!
  • Skating Lessons
  • Where I Live
  • Just Like Me
  • Just In Time

Rock Father-ApprovedThe companion book is almost worth the purchase price alone, re-telling stories utilizing artwork inspired by the show, rather than the source books. The vibrant colors really “pop,” and my girls have already been seen tucked into their tiny chairs while re-living the adventures of their lovable little friend during “quiet time.”

Rock Father-Approved.

THE ROCK FATHER is a PBS KIDS VIP (Very Involved Parent), and works regularly to spread the word on great PBS KIDS programming and educational initiatives.
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