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Calico Critters are Headed for Netflix; New Town Series Marks the Biggest Collection in a Decade…


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The legend of the Calico Critters is getting bigger. Having checked out a small preview during Toy Fair this year and then going hands-on during The Toy Insider‘s Sweet Suite back in July, I can tell you that the new Calico Critters Town Series is a lot of fun. The detailed playsets and figures of the new Town Series mark the biggest launch in the past 10 years for their maker, Epoch Everlasting Play. According to the toymaker,  “the new collection takes girls to the next level as they move beyond preschool play to the early school years. It features a more elegant, sophisticated styling, and a focus on the lives of more grown-up characters, who have fun jobs that children can dream of having when they grow up.” Following a special pop-up experience to celebrate the launch in New York City, little fans everywhere will be excited to know that the world of Calico Critters is coming to Netflix as an all-new animated series this fall!

Calico Critters will be streaming starting on November 1st in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Other countries in Europe and Asia will be able to watch in their respective languages beginning December 1, 2018.

The Calico Critters Netflix Series Includes:

  • Calico Critters Mini Episodes: This 12-episode series (each about 3 minutes long) focuses on Bell Hopscotch Rabbit’s life in Calico Village, and her sister Stella Hopscotch Rabbit who lives in Calico Town.
  • The Treasure of Calico Village Mini Movie: This 22 minute long mini movie is a touching story about the treasure Bell Hopscotch Rabbit finds in Calico Village.
  • A Town of Dreams Mini Movie: This 11 minute long story reveals how Stella Hopscotch Rabbit is living out her dreams in Calico Town.

Calico Critters Town Series

About the Town Series:

Located on the west side of the treasured Calico Village, each beloved character can take the Tram to the center of Town and visit the richly detailed Grand Department Store and Stella’s special Designer Studio, where she lives.  Shopping is at its finest in the Town Series, offering various ways for children to collect and connect each detailed set; enabling them to create their own town from their own imagination. The biggest item and the centerpiece of the collection? The Grand Department Store…

Grand Department Store Gift Set, Ages 6 +/ MSRP – $129.95

The centerpiece of the Town is the Grand Department Store, the most iconic building in the new series, which also introduces Stella.  It features elegant, sophisticated styling and a unified design for even more freedom with the layout.  With finely sculpted areas and exquisite attention to detail, it draws children in and enhances imaginative play.  The special gift set comes complete with terrace, balconies, custom windows, awnings, flags and railings to spark even more customizable play. 

The play starts at the entrance tower through the revolving doors and continues throughout all levels on the elevator. Once upstairs, children can send their Calico Critters out to the terrace or balconies to watch over the beauty of the Town.

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