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Can Brushing be Friendly for You and the Red, White & Blue?

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THE ROCK FATHER Magazine has partnered with Hello Products to bring you this friendly feature.

When it comes to oral care and brushing teeth, it’s one of those things that you typically don’t think much about – I certainly never used to. In my pre-Rock Father days, I brushed, but I admittedly did a terrible job and taking care of my teeth the way that I should’ve, and I paid for it when I got back on my dental game and needed some fixes. Being more “friendly” to my own teeth came about by becoming a parent, and caring so much for our little girls, that the desire to make sure they each have a healthy smile turned the tables back on dad (since mom was already ahead of the game). Without knowing it, we were early adopters to Hello Products, having used their “Naturally Friendly” toothpastes back when they still came in their funky-shaped little “designer” bottles. Things have changed for Hello Products over the past few years, but now they’re hitting the scene (and our bathrooms) with products that aren’t just friendly for me and you, but also for the red, white & blue – Made in the USA.

Brushing with Hello...

While the main appeal of Hello Products’ Toothpaste, Breath Spray and Toothbrushes is that they taste great (except for the brushes) in flavors like Supermint, Blue Raspberry, Natural Watermelon and Mojito Mint; are vegan and free of environmentally unfriendly ingredients like triclosan and microbeads; and come in varieties for both kids and grownups alike — one of the lesser-talked about points is that the company has factories in Pennsylvania, and New Jersey producing products that are Made in the USA. That mighty mint that fuels the crisp taste of Supermint? It’s grown in the fields of Oregon. With some exceptions like aloe grown in a small community in Mexico, and a small balance of sustainable packaging from Canada and Italy, Hello is an American company that’s making products right here at home.

Hello’s mission is to make the world a friendlier place starting with people’s mouths, and they’re on the right path. Hello Products are now in stores like Target, Walmart, Amazon, chain drugstores and grocers, all in new easy-to-spot packaging.


Want to try Hello and find out for yourself why they’re Rock Father-approved? Get a $2 Off Coupon right here, and if you’d like to know more or just want to say “Hello,” Skype CEO Craig Dubitsky – he’ll probably answer, seriously!

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