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May 25, 2017 officially marked the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars, but the birthday celebration continues as we head toward the December release of Rian Johnson’s new film, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. With all the great products out there that pay tribute to a galaxy far, far away, some of the coolest aren’t toys or apparel, but wall art for your home or office. The folks at EntertainArt have been making pop culture decor for ages, and Star Wars has been a big part of that for awhile. When they asked me to take a look at their special collection of Star Wars 40th Anniversary prints, one in particular immediately grabbed me and I knew I had to have it… “Darth Vader Lives.” It’s an exclusive design that you won’t find anywhere else, digitally-printed in a 16″x20″ recessed box. So why did this particular design grab me? Because I had it once before… in fact, I wore it.

The Rock Father as Darth Vader

That’s Halloween of 1983, I believe, and I’m wearing one of the classic Ben Cooper Halloween costumes of the late 1970s/early 1980s. I was Darth Vader three years in a row – but for some reason, I had Luke Skywalker’s green Return of the Jedi lightsaber by this point. Those costumes were fantastic in their simplicity, and no matter what the pop culture license, they usually said what it was right on the front. It was like wearing a plastic garbage bag with Lord Vader on the front, and it was awesome. Now, thanks to EntertainArt, that vintage artwork is now hanging in my office at Rock Father HQ as a piece of fine art. The Star Wars logo, however, has been replaced with “Darth Vader Lives!”

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Rock Father HQ

These are available now for a limited time, direct from EntertainArt. If the retro thing doesn’t suit you, they have dozens of Star Wars designs for fans of all ages and tastes. Check out the full collection:

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