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Cherri Bomb – THIS IS THE END OF CONTROL (Album Review)


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The result of musical training that began as young as age 5, CHERRI BOMB serves up an impressive full-length debut on THIS IS THE END OF CONTROL. Out this week on Hollywood Records, the album shows a band that performs at a level well-beyond their years – something no doubt guided and honed by manager Samantha Maloney (drummer formerly of HOLE, MOTLEY CRUE, PEACHES among others) and the production team of Red Decibel (Adam Watts, Andy Dodd & Gannin Arnold), while brought to a perfect mix by Chris Lord-Alge.

cherrimobcoverCHERRI BOMB has also presented me with a bit of a dilemma.

I already have both Music for Kids andMusic for Grown-ups sections here on The Rock Father… but what about ‘Music from Kids?’ With an average age of about 15 right now, that’s where this all-girl rock outfit falls, but they make rock for everyone to enjoy – regardless of age. The youthful quartet might strike immediate throwbacks to THE RUNAWAYS, but the band is clear that their name didn’t come as a direct homage – but from a 2008 book by Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna, one that did feature an introduction by Cherie Currie. One of the other contributors? CHERRI BOMB manager Samantha Maloney.

Not being a fan of most “intro” tracks, “Take This Now” is no exception, a 48-second setback from the proper rock that begins with “Better This Way,” an up-tempo cut with a sing-along chorus that would feel right at home on Sirius XM’s Octane. “Too Many Faces” and “Heart is a Hole” tread into the anthemic waters usually patrolled by 30 SECONDS TO MARS. 


The biggest winners of the record are the straight-up rock jams that find the band busting out BUCKCHERRY-esque riffs with a hint of garage rock thrown in. Their contribution to THE AVENGERS soundtrack , “Shake the Ground,” encompasses the most polished elements of the bunch, bringing them all together with a cinematic chorus before hitting a crunchy breakdown at the 01:45 mark. “Drawing a Blank” and album closer “Hold On” are standouts as well.



rockfather drums littlemuncThe Bottom Line: My daughter will be three this year, and by 27 months she was already dabbling with a five-piece Mapex drum kit (pictured right). Here’s hoping that she’s rocking as hard as the girls of CHERRI BOMB twelve years down the line. THIS IS THE END OF CONTROL is impressive on a lot of levels, but whether or not it will remain in rotation for some time to come is an answer held by time itself. The advance copy of the album received here at Rock Father HQ did not come with songwriting credits, so I’m not sure just how much of the album was actually written by the band – hence a question of “packaging.” Regardless, CHERRI BOMB’s debut full-length is a rock record worth giving a listen.

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The Rock Father Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

FTC Disclosure: A advance copy of CHERRI BOMB’s  THIS IS THE END OF CONTROL was provided to The Rock Father on compact disc for the purpose of review consideration. The opinions above represent that of James Zahn, with whom you may choose to agree or disagree at your own reward or peril. Why so serious?

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