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CHUCK E. CHEESE rocks with BOWLING FOR SOUP frontman…


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When a new single from CHUCK E. CHEESE hit the web this week (grab a FREE DOWNLOAD here) dangling that ”You’ve Never Seen Chuck E. ROCK Like This”, there was something very familiar going on. I sent a few unresponded tweets to Chuck E. Cheese HQ and to BOWLING FOR SOUP frontman JARET REDDICK to see if I could confirm that the voice of the new Chuck was in fact, the pop-punk vet. Well, it’s been confirmed via Screen Magazine (a mag I was in once or twice for a disasterous film project that still better get made one day) that Reddick is Chuck in a reinvention of the popular pizza-peddling rat.

In the first of several TV spots (sadly, not embeddable – but watch here), Chuck E. Cheese is now to scale with the children that love him, and he’s a rock star. This is a marked improvement from recent CEC commericals that I’ve long-felt were annoying, cheap, and made the kids look kinda… douchy.

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m anxious to see more of Chuck E. Cheese in his new rock star reinvention.

Now, if only they had unity between the restaurants. I’m a big fan of the animatronics (like ShowBiz Pizza had), but it’s weird how the experience has always been different on a case-by-case basis There’s a ton of video on YouTube featuring all the latest in-restaurant shows. Check out user ChuckECheeseShows and prepare to kill some time.

You know what’s interesting, according to Screen Magazine, the director of the commercial was Chris Smith. I wonder if it’s the same Chris Smith that directed me in that Wendy’s spot back in ’08?

Stay tuned… 

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