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When it comes to Industrial Music, I like mine best with a certain level of crunch to the guitars – where the sonic differences between and man (instrumentation) and machine (electronica) blend to just the right level. At some point in the mid-late 90s, that’s when that style peaked – a time when I’d be cranking bands like 16 Volt, Sister Machine Gun, etc. One band I missed at the time was CIRCLE OF DUST, a project of Klayton, who later went onto CELLDWELLER fame. Now it’s time to catch-up, as CIRCLE OF DUST is back, with their five original albums being reissued in bonus-heavy editions, one every eight weeks beginning March 4th, and it ends with a brand-new CoD album waiting at the end. With that announcement comes the first new music from CIRCLE OF DUST in nearly 20 years, “Contagion” – a song that perfectly captures that vintage vibe… a lot like FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY’s MILLENNIUM, actually.

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