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Modern Parenting Can Be an Incredibly Messy Adventure

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This Incredibles 2 special feature is presented in collaboration between Clorox and The Rock Father™ #CloroxIncrediblyClean

Last summer, I found myself in Anaheim, California during one of the incredible adventures that I sometimes get to have as part of my work. Since our first daughter was born in 2009, I have largely been an “at-home dad,” shifting many of my powers toward domestic duties while my wife maintains a career outside the home. There are occasions, however, where I spring into action for a special mission, usually hopping on a plane and leaving our Third Coast home en route to the East or West Coast (mostly West). For the D23 Expo in Anaheim, I was working with Disney and wound up there in the room when a select audience got to see the very first footage from Disney•Pixar’s The Incredibles 2. Later, I called my wife in Illinois and told her that what I saw was like watching our lives unfold on-screen… maybe sans the laser vision, but definitely the messes. Oh yes, those incredible messes!

The Rock Father... doin' laundry.

There’s a commercial running right now – a Clorox commercial – in which Bob Parr aka “Mr. Incredible” is attempting to feed baby Jack-Jack (still wondering why he’s Jack x 2), and more of the food ends up on the high chair and his onesie than in his actual belly. I’ve lived that. A quick wipe-down of the chair with Clorox Disinfecting Wipes and then into the washing machine with some Clorox 2 and everything is back to normal. Even though our girls are older now, as the saying goes, “the struggle is real.”

Finley The Rock Daughter at Target with Daddy

What we’re facing right now is two incredibly active girls who are constantly making messes – and that’s totally fine! They get down and dirty, and from digging in the garden to slopping through the mud, there tends to be a debris field that ends up leading a path through the house.

Then there’s all the slime… the experimentation of what ingredients make the best icky, sticky goo (and there’s a lot of it). I end up cleaning up stuff that’s so questionable, sometimes I don’t even know what it is or where it came from – and that’s not counting the slobber from the dog.

The Incredibile (in toy form from JAKKS Pacific) with some Clorox Cleaning Products from Target

The only real way to tackle an incredible mess it to get things back to being incredibly clean, and that means jumping in our own version of “The Incredibile” (Bob Parr’s supercar!) for a Target run to stock-up on supplies. You can’t miss the colorful (and massive) display in the cleaning section.

Clorox Products at Target

I can’t say that the girls are as excited as I am about cleaning, but we’re back to get the house in order for the kids to do what they do best… and that leads to more messes. The idea is that everything looks totally normal when my own “Mrs. Incredible” comes home from the office.

I’d say that it’s the “circle of life,” but that’s a different Disney story!

Visit Target.com or your local store for a full assortment of household products from Clorox!

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