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Cloud b’s “Tranquil Turtle” wins Infant Toy of the Year… and yes, it rocks!


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Back in November, I included the TRANQUIL TURTLE from Cloud b in my Holiday Gift Guide here on The Rock Father. As noted back then, it’s an absolutely fantastic toy, and that’s now been recognized on a larger scale as Tranquil Turtle has received a Toy of the Year (T.O.T.Y.) award in the Infant/Toddler category at the Toy Industry Association’s Annual T.O.T.Y Awards. How much do we love the Tranquil Turtle? So much that we now have two of them here at Rock Father HQ…

This mesmerizing turtle combines soothing lights and sound, making it an immediate hit here in our house. While our first Turtle was provided to us by Cloud b., both daughters loved it so much that a second was purchased by Auntie Jill as a Christmas gift. Now each of The Rock Daughters have their own Tranquil Turtle, and I have to admit that we’ve enjoyed it as well as a family. It even makes Daddy nod off to sleep.

About the award, Cloud B issued the following statement:

“We’re so excited to see Tranquil Turtle recognized with this esteemed award. We’re dedicated to the ideal that all children deserve quality sleep, so we’re especially proud that Tranquil Turtle was honored for its ability to do just that.”Linda Suh, CEO of Cloud b

Check out my original comments about the Tranquil Turtle right here, then visit Cloud b’s official site to learn more.

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