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Coffee and Rock: Exploring The Dark (Bold) Side of The Force with Cross Country Cafe

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Cross Country Cafe has a huge selection of Keurig Kcup coffee at rock bottom prices!THE ROCK FATHER is a Cross Country Cafe Brand Ambassador, throwing down words on Coffee and Rock.

With all the words I’ve put out there about STAR WARS over the past few months, it occurred to me that even in the kitchen I often lean toward The Dark Side. Bold, that is. With the exception of a specialty drink here and there (Hello, Pumpkin Spice Latte!), I prefer my coffee to be unadulterated by creams and sweeteners. I like it pure. I like it black. My friends at Cross Country Cafethe best source for ordering Keurig K-cups and Nespresso compatible pod coffee for less – sent over five new boxes of K-Cups to check out, and today I’m sharing my thoughts on each. They’re all from The Dark Side

cafe bustelo colombian kcup boxCafe Bustelo 100% Colombian:

Let’s just say we parked the Cadillac at the front of the lot with this one. Right out of the gate, this is hands-down the big winner of my delivery for last month. A stellar aroma and phenomenally-smooth, yet strong flavor, Cafe Bustelo is truly unique. It won my wife with one cup, and to really demonstrate our affection for this Cuban via New York brew, I should note that all 24 K-Cups were gone in under two weeks. This one did that rare thing – it gave me goosebumps the first time I drank it.  Order it now in a 24ct box.

folgers black silk keurig k cup coffee 1 2Folgers Gourmet Selections – Black Silk:

I’d already had this one. In fact, I’ve consumed gallons of it over the past couple of years, first getting a taste on a visit to the Folgers Coffee Lab at The J.M. Smucker Company in Orrville, Ohio. Actually, Smucker’s owns Cafe Bustelo now (see above), so there’s a pretty solid lineage of great coffee there. As the name would indicate, this brew is silky and smooth, but there’s a little something else going on – a smokiness of sorts, adding a little mystery beneath the surface. For months this was my go-to brand. Order it now in a 24ct box or 96ct case.

dark magicGreen Mountain Coffee – Dark Magic:

For being the the namesake company behind the entire Keurig Empire, Green Mountain Coffee hasn’t really impressed me with the brews released under their original Green Mountain banner. While they own a lot of other brands (including the next two in this month’s round-up), their O.G. stuff just strikes me as very average, and the Dark Magic is no exception. They claim an espresso vibe, but it just comes off like the nameless coffee you’d get at almost any gas station. It’s not bad, it’s just unremarkable. Order it now in a 24ct box or 96ct case.

jet fuelCoffee People Jet Fuel Dark Roast:

I’d seen this before and always loved the name. Just sounds like something we could all use in the morning – “Jet Fuel.” Thing is, the taste isn’t as crazy as you’d expect – it’s bold, but not as much as the Folgers Black Silk or Cafe Bustelo. Almost like a house blend, but if the lights were off. And there is a tad bit of “bite” a little post-sip bitterness there. I can see buying this again down the line. Order it now in a 24ct box or 96ct case.

Cross Country Cafe

coffee people donut shop k cupsDonut Shop Original Extra Bold:

Aside from the Cafe Bustelo, Donut Shop’s Original Extra Bold was the quickest to be fully-consumed here at Rock Father HQ. My wife loved it, and so did I. Donut Shop has a knack for making coffees (we’ve had some in the past) that are very comforting, and really do emit the vibe you’d get from a warm cup at your favorite local diner… or, well, donut shop. Order it now in a 24ct box.

Look for more from Cross Country Cafe right here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine very soon.

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