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Coffee & Rock: Chicago is a Coffee Town & Drinkers are on a Quest for the Perfect Cup

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Presented in collaboration between The Rock Father™ and Folgers® Perfect MeasuresTM

While there’s certain other cities that might be associated with coffee on a more immediate basis thanks to crafty marketing and perception, Chicago is definitively a coffee town, and now there’s some stats to prove that. Having lived in the Chicagoland area for most of my life, but also having visited much of our country, I really don’t need data to back up what I already know – but still, it’s cool to have it. Coffee is in my blood, and that’s something I’ve mentioned many times here on this very site, and I famously trace that back to my great grandfather, who worked as a coffee taster in Chicago nearly a century ago. Just like him, people here are always on a quest for the perfect cup, and when you drink a lot of coffee that also means a perfect pot.

I first discovered Folgers Perfect Measures during the holiday season last year, and when the time comes to make a pot of coffee, they do exactly what the name implies – a perfect pot every time. 1 tablet = 1 tablespoon, so there’s no messing with grounds. You simply use a minimum of four tablets placed into the filter of your coffeemaker, and you’re in business. These tablets are 100% pure coffee, compressed with nothing but sheer force.


Whether you’ve got people coming over or you just need a full pot of coffee for yourself, Folgers Perfect Measures makes that perfect pot of coffee every single time.

So what does Folgers’ Chicago Coffee Survey reveal? Chicagoans have consumed the most cups of coffee in one day with 5.2 cups — more than any other city in the study. Four-in-five (78%) Chicago coffee drinkers agree that drinking coffee makes them more productive, and a similar number (80%) feel that coffee keeps them going throughout the day. Those same drinkers say that one-quarter (26.7%) of cups of coffee brewed at home don’t turn out right — and these are people who make and drink coffee at home about 7 times a week. Then, those same individuals buy coffee and drink free coffee away from home more frequently than coffee drinkers in other cities, about 3 times a week!


During the summer months, it’s road trippers and campers that typically drink the most coffee (fun fact: I had a miserable coffee spill on myself while driving across Wisconsin not long ago), and consumption does ramp up in the colder months. Still, with summer gatherings going on, there’s much coffee to be made, and Folgers Perfect Measures will help you make the perfect pot every time… and with your perfect roast. It’s now available in Classic Roast, Classic Decaf, 100% Colombian, Black Silk and Breakfast Blend!

Check out the official Folgers website to learn more!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Folgers® . The opinions and text are all mine.


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