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Folgers Brand AmbassadorAh, the weekend! A time to relax after a hard and honest week’s work… to sit back and enjoy some quality time with the family. Or not. I don’t know about you, but around here, there really isn’t any down time. Family time, yes – but down time is non-existent. My wife is at her office Monday-Friday (and sometimes Saturday); I’m either working from home here in Illinois, or out on some crazy adventure (usually in Los Angeles); The Rock Daughters™ have school and preschool, respectively; and sometimes I have to tend to the band that I manage (in fact, a tour starts later this month, and I will join them on the road for a few dates). So the weekend… a time for even more activities, like ballet and tap. Sometimes there’s theatre… or baseball… or gymnastics. My point? There is no end to the running, and it’s a coffee-fueled affair (Folgers Ambassador – disclosure and all) – with the weekend being a week-ending wrap-up to my normal morning and mid-day routines. When I do relax, it’s a prime example of some #CoffeeAndRock.

#CoffeeAndRock #Folgers
I call this one “Driving the dogs to the vet,” because that’s what I’m doing.
#CoffeeAndRock #Folgers
This one is called “The girls made a mess in Finley’s room again, and refuse to clean it up.”
#CoffeeAndRock #Folgers
This one is entitled “On the road to the dance studio,” because that’s where we’re headed.
#CoffeeAndRock #Folgers
And this one? It’s called “The Rock Daughters are so exhausted that they fell asleep in the car on the way home again, and were soon deposited on the couch.”

Whatever the weekend brings, you can bet there will be coffee involved for both parents in this house. And it’s all about variety, too – Folgers Black Silk for me, and maybe something lighter for my wife… even a little splash of flavor here and there. Whatever suits the mood, or the adventure.  

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