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Coffee & Rock: The Perfect Measures for Holiday Gatherings…

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THE ROCK FATHER is a Folgers Preferred Partner…

It’s beginning to look a lot like… well, not quite either, but sort of an odd mix between Christmas and Thanksgiving around these parts. Let’s be honest here, for me, Thanksgiving is more of a speed bump between the two main events of the year – Halloween and Christmas. It’s a weird space since it’s technically still fall/harvest, but here we are in mid-November and I’ve already packed-away the scarecrow for the season, composted the pumpkins and cornstalks, and have been taking advantage of the “unseasonably warm” temperatures by doing a little early-season “Griswolding” at Rock Father HQ.  Indeed, while they’re not on yet, some festive lights have been installed on the grounds – my coffee-fueled antics amusing the children as I try do do as much as I can within limited daylight hours. It was dark by 4:50pm today, and by then, I’d already consumed nearly a full pot of Folgers.

Folgers Perfect Measures

I usually tend to be a single-cup kind of guy these days, especially with how much I’ve been digging the new Folgers Coffeehouse Blend, but I recently did something that I never expected I’d do again – I bought a straight-up coffee maker. Now, that’s partially because I tend to drink more when the daylight hours are shorter, but really, I bought the coffee pot because I had family and friends in mind. With the holidays coming and some gatherings set to take place here for a change, sometimes it’s just nice to make “a pot of coffee” – to fill the house with that awesome aroma and to have it ready when your loved ones want a cup. Making it easy is the new Folgers Perfect Measures – “the perfect scoop without the scoop.” They’re these little tabs that are pre-measured for the perfect pot every time. One tab equals one tablespoon (one 6oz cup of coffee). If I want to brew 8 cups, that’s 8 tabs. If I want it stronger, throw in a little extra. You get the idea.

They’re 100% coffee with no additives, simply compressed with extreme force. Designed only for automatic drip coffeemakers, you put in a fresh filter, drop the tabs, and you’re ready to go. It’s a very simple way to make a great-tasting pot of coffee every single time (4 tabs minimum per pot).

Folgers Perfect Measures

Now, I’ve still got the Coffee Bar at Rock Father HQ™ in full-effect, so if myself or my guests decide they want another option, it’s available – my offerings have just been expanded. Naughty or nice, it just seems like there’s a turkey and a reindeer battling for holiday supremacy right now. Luckily, making a decision on coffee is a much easier task.

Folgers Perfect Measures are available in the coffee aisle of your favorite grocery retailer. Choose from Classic Roast, Decaf, 100% Columbian, Black Silk or Breakfast Blend. Learn more at Folgers.com

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