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Coming Home to Netflix and (Unconventional) Family… Whenever You Want

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Netflix Stream TeamAs we get ready to turn the page on November and go full-steam-ahead into December, time spent with family will come into clearer focus as the year comes to a close. For many, spending time with family also means catching up with some favorite fictional families, and this past month brought the long-awaited return of the Gilmores, who came to Netflix with Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. In the interest of full-disclosure, despite my gig as a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam, I’ve never seen Gilmore Girls, though in one of my past lives, Alexis Bledel’s name was at one time thrown around in casting meetings for something I’d written that didn’t end up being produced. Weird how things work out. But as fictional families go, one that I’m particularly excited about is back again for new adventures on December 9 when Season Two of Fuller House begins streaming. But have you ever noticed that most on-screen families are comfortingly unusual, and possibly less functionally-dysfunctional than the reality that they mirror? Here’s a few interesting family choices that await you on Netflix…. and many of them will now be available whenever you want, online and off…

The Munsters are an unusual family for sure, and in the season one episode, “Low-Cal Munster,” the crew celebrates Thanksgiving as only they can. And speaking of crews, The A-Team could certainly be considered a family, with Hannibal as the leader. In the season five episode, “Family Reunion,” The A-Team celebrates Thanksgiving, and of course, stuff blows up good. If traditional explosions aren’t your bag, the Supergirl served-up “Livewire” in season one, showing that even a great turkey can lead to some electrifying circumstances. Bonus points for including the RAMONES on the soundtrack.

Netflix DownloadingFinally, if you need to check-in with the Griffins, Family Guy‘s “Thanksgiving” shows just how different… yet, similar, the annual Quahog Thanksgiving Day Parade is from what we tend to now in the non-animated realm. 

Bonus: Have animals in the family? Try Disney’s The Jungle Book. Musical Family? Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids or Beat Bugs. Weirder than The Munsters? Stranger Things or The Addams Family might do the trick.

Netflix Downloads Now Available to Enjoy Netflix On-the-Go: While streaming from Netflix is fantastic, there’s times when you get cut-off. Whether it’s during your morning commute, switching to “airplane mode” (when in-flight WiFi won’t support streaming) or simply being in an area where a connection isn’t possible, now Netflix offers downloads for select titles through the iOS and Android Apps for Phones and Tablets. Simply download the latest version and you’re set to go!

THE ROCK FATHER is a member of the Netflix Stream Team, sharing streaming news and features on a regular basis.


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