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Costumes & Construx: Building Beyond Halloween!


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The Rock Father™ is a MEGA™Ambassador and Beyonder

When the Halloween season rolls around, families always start thinking about their costumes. In a lot of ways, the spirited season manages to unlock creativity that stays otherwise locked-up throughout the year. For many, there’s a hero just waiting to break out – but there’s no need to keep those characters bottled-up throughout the year! We often combine cosplay (what was called “dress-up” back in the day) with regular play, allowing our kids to inhabit their favorite characters as they engage in imaginative play and world-building here at home. With MEGA Construx™, families can build new worlds based around some of their favorite character from popular franchises like Despicable Me®, Halo®, Pokémon™® and Saban’s Power Rangers™… coincidentally, ones that have become staples of Halloween.

MEGA Construx - Power Rangers and Cosplay!

The Power Rangers came blasting back into movie theaters this year, updating the legend for a new generation. At the same time, the yearly evolution of the Power Rangers continues on Nickelodeon, and ahead of the team’s 25th Anniversary Celebration next year, families can throw it back with the Mega Construx™ Mighty Morphin Megazord (DPK78).

MEGA Construx - Power Rangers and Cosplay!

What’s fantastic about this set is that the CompatiBuild™ system makes it a quick build for younger builders, mixing the size of the blocks and incorporating bigger “MEGA Blocks™” pieces alongside the Mega Construx™ bricks. Taking cues from the iconic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, this Megazord comes with a Red Ranger figure, and can be expanded by combining pieces from the T-Rex Zord and Sabertooth Tiger Zord (sold separately) to create a Super Megazord!

MEGA Construx - Power Rangers Megazord

From the recent Despicable Me 3 comes the Mega Construx Luau Dave Build-a-Minion (FDX85). This one is particularly cool for us since I have something you can’t buy in my office – a similarly-sized Minion prototype from when MEGA™ launched their Despicable Me line a couple of years back. Now there’s one that the kids can actually play with (mine is hands-off!), and if you’ve haven’t yet seen a five and eight year old discuss the merits of a coconut bikini, you’re missing out. “Minion boobs” was said on more than a few occasions.

MEGA Construx - Despicable Me 3 Minions and Cosplay!

We’ve been into the Minions world for ages, so pair this set with some Minion gloves and goggles, toss in a hoodie and you’ve got a human Minion of your own!

Mega Construx Despicable Me 3 Minions

Bonus Fun: Take some of your smaller Minion figures and pretend that they’re building a statue in honor of their new master!

Mega Construx Minions, Power Rangers and Pokemon

Pokémon™ is HUGE, and it only seems to get bigger. I remember when it first hit the scene in the late 90s, yet it’s still a little foreign to me. I’m far from a master of the “Pokedex,” and that goes for my daughters as well. While they might not be able to catch (or name) them all, they do like to build them and our latest is the Mega Construx™ Wartortle (DYF12). This is one we don’t have a costume to accompany, but I’ve seen a lot of kids rockin’ the Pikachu gear. Whether your little ones fancy themselves a Pokemon or a trainer, there’s a lot of potential with the full assortment of sets available from MEGA Construx™.

From kids to grownups, MEGA Bloks and MEGA Construx have sets for everyone. What will you build? Check out the latest and Build Beyond™ at MEGAConstrux.com!

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