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The $500 Country Music Video that “Found” a Spot in the Top 20…

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Let me tell you a story about the time a moose, a shark, a chicken and a purple alligator entered a barn somewhere in Canada… 

That was the scene earlier this year when Alberta’s Dan Davidson filmed a video for “Found,” a single released in May that found an audience this summer, cracking the CMT Top 20 in Canada, and racking up over 320,000 global plays on Spotify. Nearly five months in, the $500 music video is still gaining steam, and now it’s starting to make a rumble here in the ‘States. Check it out below, along with some of Dan’s comments on the experience…

“The “Found” video was sort of a hilarious experiment. I wanted to do something that no one was doing. We pulled together the tiniest of indie budgets, rented some mascot costumes and the rest is history! When I started seeing it on TV, I had a moment where I thought “Im a grown man, dressed as a moose for a living.”. Am I doing this grown up thing right?

“Found” in my mind, is a modern day “Thank God I’m A Country Boy”. It’s a fun drunken proposal song that I think everyone can relate to. There is no better feeling than to fall in love and to start seeing a brighter future. – Dan Davidson.

Curious to hear more? Check out Dan’s Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/dandavidsonmusic

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