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Dan Rather: “Here’s What they Didn’t Tell You About the Toys ‘R’ Us Closings… and How it Ties Back to President Trump”


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It’s 12:57am Thursday morning here at Rock Father HQ in Illinois, and with a fresh coffee poured, I’m still finding myself enthralled with what’s happening with Toys “R” Us. Like Michael Corleone, “just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” There is so much information flowing right now, I believe that we haven’t even begun to fully understand the shadiness that’s gone down at Toys “R” Us – not just in the U.S., but with some of the overseas units as well. With liquidation sales originally thought to be starting when stores open later this morning, multiple sources are now telling me that they might be postponed due to erroneous court documents. I have not been able to confirm that, so we’ll find out as the day develops. What I really wanted to share with you now is a video from Dan Rather that The Young Turks posted earlier this week. I don’t believe that enough people have seen it, and Rather backs up much of what I’ve been telling all of you in recent months… but he also ties it back to our President in some overlooked ways. If you’ve wondered why, despite all the tweeting and chest pumping about jobs that he does, Donald Trump has thus far been quiet on the potential loss of 33,000 jobs thanks to the Toys “R” Us collapse, Mr. Rather may just have the answer. Watch and listen…

To summarize, while Trump himself is not responsible for the downfall of Toys “R” Us, for all the talk about keeping stores open and saving jobs that he does, he certainly keeps some close company with the very people who are responsible for closing stores and killing jobs. Of the three parties that strapped TRU with billions in leveraged debt…

  • Bain Capital: Former Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, co-founder. Recently endorsed by Donald Trump in his run for Senate in Utah.
  • Vornado Realty Trust: Steven Roth, CEO – a Trump adviser who has partnered with Trump on real estate deals “for decades.”
  • KKR aka Kohlberg Kravis Roberts: Co-founder Henry Kravis gave $1M to the Trump Inauguration; Trump wanted to nominate him for Treasury Secretary. 

On that latter note, Henry Kravis is an individual that has been called “the real-life Gordon Gekko,” and he himself told Bloomberg that it was “scary” that Trump would ask him to run the Treasury.  And with Romney ramping-up his Senate bid, I highly recommend that those affected by this massive retail collapse get on their friends and family in Utah to help tank that campaign before it gets too far. Should he be elected, it will open the door for one of America’s biggest scumbags to consider another run at the White House.

As Rather says in the above video, “Republicans and Democrats alike have re-written the rules of our economy so that now, 40% of every retailer that goes under is owned in part by private equity firms like the ones that own Toys “R” Us. By putting the price of losing on us, we have freed up a handful of investor billionaires to gamble on our economy, playing with our lives in the process. At Toys ‘R’ Us alone, that means a loss of 800 stores and 33,000 jobs… at a company that’s making money.” It’s also worth noting that Toys “R” Us Chairman and CEO David A. Brandon was also a guest on The Apprentice back in 2005.

For the record, if anyone wonders on what side of the fence “The Rock Father” sits, I’m a registered Independent when it comes to politics. I’m about doing what’s right, and helping to be a voice for people who need to be heard. I also have zero tolerance for corporate and political bullshit, and look forward to the day when those responsible for avoidable situations like this will be held accountable for their actions. Those who become “successful” through dishonest and unethical behavior are the people who have tarnished the very definition of success for those who achieve via and hard work, honesty and vision.

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