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Decision 2016: The Monster Cereals are Looking for Your Vote!

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Each year around this same time, some old friends emerge from their crypt, ready to haunt the breakfast table once more…

The General Mills Monster Cereals have been a staple of Halloween season breakfast for over four decades, and I’ve been a fan for nearly as long. Funny enough, I have yet to see them “in the wild” this season, but I know that Franken Berry, Boo Berry and Count Chocula are out there, and when I do finally come across a glorious display of their demonic deliciousness, I will likely drop to my knees in respect (as I always do) as their boxes reflect an imaginary glow akin to the mysterious briefcase in PULP FICTION. Despite my lack of finding fresh stock at retail thus far, the folks at General Mills had a special package dropped off here at Rock Father HQ – a “Monsters Across America” mystery box, you could say. Being that 2016 is an election year, the trio of monsters (sadly their lesser-known counterparts, Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute are AWOL again) are running for office – and they truly want your vote, but their position is that of America’s Favorite Cereal Monster.  Earlier today, Finley and I jumped on Facebook Live to do an unboxing of the package, and now an edited version can be viewed below…

Personally, if these characters were running in the general election, I’d much rather cast a vote for Boo Berry in lieu of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, but there’s not much that this registered Independent can say about either of those folks without offending someone… so I’m putting more effort into the race for cereal supremacy! The quest to “Make Breakfast Great Again,” or to say “I’m with him!,” the “him” being Franken Berry. 

Franken Berry

Looking over the materials, I will say that all of the candidates make valid points, and each has a fairly comparable marketing plan behind them. All three have an official flag, golf hat, commemorative button and campaign signage complete with a simple slogan.

Count Chocula

If you watched the video posted above, you can note that Finn points out random, unrelated facts here and there – like her desire to join the KIDZ BOP Kids to sing “Downtown” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, or that we were working on a Fairy Garden today – all excellent points. But when asked which cereal she likes the best, she said quite simply, “all of them.” I’m kind of right there with her.

Boo Berry

Now, this is where it gets interesting even for the most casual of Monster Cereal fans: There’s a chance to win cash (or other prizes) simply by casting a vote at MonstersVote2016.com

Cast Your Ballot Now Monster Cereals Election 700x224

Who would you vote for?

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