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41sobPmcKSL. SL110 DEVILDRIVER are back with their fifth album for Roadrunner Records (out February 22), and while it lacks innovation, the band serves up another heaping plate of meat-and-potatoes metal that their fans should eat right up.

Despite being one of their better albums, BEAST plays like a band that’s forgotten how to breathe – the full-speed-ahead mentality seldom giving way to a real groove or memorable breakdown. While “Dead to Rights” and “Coldblooded” are among standouts on the record, at almost an hour in length, this dozen-song collection feels too damn long with only one track (“Bring the Fight (To the Floor)”) coming in under the four-minute mark. Longer songs are great when presented with variation and movement, but DevilDriver have never been a band to bring a huge amount of complexity into their songwriting.

Longtime fans should appreciate the band’s adherence to formula, but grabbing the ears of new listeners may be a feat easier said then done.

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Rating: 3/5

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