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51CU9euFrPL. SL160 A NSFW review of a NSFW album…

I’ve been meaning to review this album for the past few months, but every time I’ve made an attempt, I just get too involved in listening to it to actually write about it. So today I’m forcing myself to write this review, if only because it’s probably one of the best albums of 2010 that I haven’t yet reviewed. If sex, drugs, and “foul” language are not your thing, then don’t even bother reading beyond this point.

The Guilty Party: DIRT NASTY aka SIMON REX.


Case File: On his second official full-length album, DIRTY NASTY (aka the rapping alter-ego of actor Simon Rex) brings the funk with NASTY AS I WANNA BE, a collection of comedic tunes that are bound to offend a lot of people, while bringing laughs to even more. It’s a rap album, a dance album, a funk album, a pop album, and a comedy album all in one. Like a mockery of everything that’s wrong with L.A. and celebrity culture, Dirt Nasty embraces the chaos and turns it into some of the freshest grooves on wax (or digital bits and bytes).

In a lot of ways, Dirt takes a musical phenomenon to the next level: The curious case of jamming while bringing “penis” into everything. Musicians know the drill, as you grab your guitar or other instrument of choice and either do cover songs changed to terribly offensive lyrics, or you just talk about the power of your dong (if you’re a guy). The result is a collection of raunchy tunes that touch on just about everything one could ever hope to do with their cock and balls.

Drug use, celebrity, and disposable culture are all here, and no song better encapsulates this than “Fuck Me I’m Famous.” The sad thing is, that if it wasn’t in jest, there’s a lot of truth in those lyrics that could be applied to more than a few L.A. residents.

Inexplicable pop star KE$HA pops up on the album, and while I’ve never counted myself as a fan of hers, she fits perfectly in this case. Having heard her prior works, I’ve always envisioned her to be a dirty, possibly smelly girl with bad breath and too much perfume to cover the stench of the prior night. It’s Nasty, and that’s why it works so well when mixed with Dirt.

“I Can’t Dance” brings LMFAO into the mix for an infectious jam about a rhythm-challenged Jew, while “Cougars” is just what you expect with talk of an older woman that’ll “squeeze juice out ya grapes.” “Lookin for a Nasty Girl” takes a riff on Lady Gaga’s “LoveGame” with a play on the whole “Disco Stick” thing dropping “disco” for “nasty.”

Verdict? If you’re looking for something to get your party started and inspire some curious conversation as to what in the hell you’re listening to, pick this one up ASAP.

Rating: 5/5

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