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If you’ve been on the internet at any point within the past few days (from looking at you now, I’d assume you have), chances are you’ve run across a viral video for touting that their blades are ”F***ing Great.” While I can’t vouch for their blades just yet, I can say that their advertising really is ”F***ing Great.” But there’s more to it.

If you’re like me, your first reaction upon seeing the hilarious commercial for DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB (I’m a nice guy, so I’ve included it below) was “This can’t be real,” or “This guy is an actor.” For the latter part, you’d actually be correct – but he really is one of the company’s founders.


Michael Dubin, aka “Mike, founder of” previously trained with the famed Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC, and is passionate about sketch comedy. Bottom line – he was able to put the entertaining ad together, pulling off something that few (if any) other CEO’s would be able to do. While there’s plenty to love here, I give a big thumbs up for the random assortment of background items in Mike’s office – model airplanes, a Monchichi, a self-alcohol test, and was that Luigi from Mario Bros?

They’re taking on the big boys at Gillette, and it’s about time. I’m guilty of using a Gillette Fusion cartridge far beyond it’s expiration date because I don’t like paying $20 for replacement packs. Hell, when I still worked in big box retail (late 90’s), there was already a need to lock-up the blades, as they were a high-theft item, and for good reason – the majors have been stealing from consumers for years. In fact, since I work from home, I tend to not shave at all, which leaves me with that “scruffy-looking Nerf Herder” appearance. If blades were cheaper, I might shave regularly.

Dollar Shave Club does have a dollar blade (+$2 S/H a month), but they also have upgraded models for $6 and $9 a month. Yes, their viral clip just bought them free advertising here on The Rock Father, and I haven’t even tried their product. They cut out the middle man and buy their blades direct, and with no retail channels other than the internet, they can sell for cheap. In addition to Dubin’s comedy background, he was also a Digital Marketing Director for Sports Illustrated, and used the video to snag some investors prior to pulling the trigger on a public release. He and partner Mark Levine just might be onto something here.

I wonder what Roger Federer is thinking right now?

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