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#AlienDay: Entertainment Earth Brings forth the ALIEN Video Game Edition 8-Bit Funko Pop!


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This #AlienDay 2018 feature brought to you in collaboration between The Rock Father™ and Entertainment Earth.

It was last Halloween that Funko dropped the curtain on their first offering of 8-Bit Horror Pops – an assortment of Pop! Vinyl figures that put a retro video game spin on iconic characters like Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th) and the Xenomorph from Ridley Scott’s ALIEN. As for the latter, the 8-Bit Alien has been issued a couple of times thus far in standard and blood-splattered editions as a complement to a larger line of ALIENS Pop! Vinyl. Now comes the time to add a third variant to the mix with the surprise release of the Entertainment Earth Exclusive “Video Game Deco” 8-Bit Xenomorph. This is the most colorful variation yet, taking inspiration from the famed ALIEN 3 video game with accents of blue and red. The figure is available to pre-order right now (while supplies last), but I’ve already got one and can give you an exclusive hands-on look right here!

Entertainment Earth Alien Video Game Deco 8-Bit Funko Pop! Vinyl  Entertainment Earth Alien Video Game Deco 8-Bit Funko Pop! Vinyl

In an era where everything “retro” is a big deal, 8-bit toys have really picked up some steam, and the Funko line is no exception. It’s fascinating to see how they’ve managed to bring these characters to life in three dimensions, since when we think of 8-bit creations, it’s generally in a flat 2-D realm. The designers at Funko have captured the spirit and shape of the original Xenomorph character, with its tail, spikes, teeth and claws all fleshed-out in 8-bit styling.

Entertainment Earth Alien Video Game Deco 8-Bit Funko Pop! Vinyl Entertainment Earth Alien Video Game Deco 8-Bit Funko Pop! Vinyl

Alien 3 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Edition (1993)The video game based on David Fincher’s Alien3 was originally released for the Sega Genesis and Amiga back in 1992. It later expanded in 1993 with versions released for the Commodore 64, Game Boy, Game Gear, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), and Sega Master System.

Order your Entertainment Earth Exclusive Alien Video Game Deco 8-Bit Pop! Figure right here.

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