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Embracing our Inner MARVEL #InfinityHeroes with Disney Infinity 2.0 and Virtual Imaginative Play…


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This #InfinityHeroes Adventure is brought to you by #CollectiveBias Inc. and it’s advertiser. All opinions are that of James Zahn, aka The Rock Father.


Superheroes are part of daily life here at Rock Father HQ. Most of you know that by now, but I live it daily, when my girls break out their Spider-man (which you will be corrected to acknowledge as “Spider-GIRL”) or Rocket Racoon masks for an adventure in the yard, or when Iron Man and Captain America spend some time having tea with Rapunzel and Ariel in the Disney Princess Castle. Not long ago, I saw the Iron Patriot chilling out with Boba Fett on the sun deck of the Barbie Dream House, kicking back, completely lounging in a pair of purple adirondack chairs. What can I say? It happens, so when Elsa and Anna show up, the adventure is just beginning. I’m big on imaginative play, tending to go light on the “screens” and big on the physical realm, which is why I’ve always been intrigued by the Disney Infinity Games – an open-ended platform that manages to merge to physical and the virtual. It’s actually the first video game that I’ve ever let my girls play.

We hit the local Walmart last week to check out Disney Infinity 2.0 (aka Disney Infinity: MARVEL Superheroes), for which the XBOX 360 Starter Pack includes three figures: Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow. With that locked-in for in-home play, I let the girls pick out some additional interactive figures, which is how the FROZEN sisters made their way into our house. Looking back on it, I sorta feel bad for telling Addie that she couldn’t get GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY‘s Rocket Racoon, too.


Back at HQ, it’s been interesting to see how Disney Infinity 2.0 has fallen in-line with the normal swing of things. The figures get used constantly, even without the game – but when the game is on, they get dropped onto that glowing platform and their digital visage makes the jump onto our wall-mounted screen. The girls don’t really understand how it works, so I just let them know that my magic is powerful.

Just as they build things and shape the physical world around them here as they play, the “Toy Box 2.0” mode allows them to create anything they want in their virtual world of Disney as well. While they might be fine just waving a wand to create some new things here and there, what they don’t realize is that it’s Daddy playing after-hours on the narrative side of things – occasionally snooping around for the characters to “level up.”


Maybe your hero spins webs… grows adamantium claws… or wields a red, white & blue shield. Perhaps they wear a cape… a black leather jumpsuit… or even a sparkly blue dress. It’s possible that they just want to rule New York City for their own… or maybe they just wanna build a snowman?

Whatever your #InfinityHeroes might be, the right time to unleash them is now.

Want a chance to win a $100 Walmart Gift Card? Check out the #HeroesEatMMs website to find out which MARVEL Superhero (or which M&M) you are! While you’re there, check out some additional MARVEL action and savings.
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