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Toy Review: Get Ready, The Emojiez are Here…


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Who knew that Emojis were gonna become such a thing? Personally, it took me years to even start using the little icons of emotional response in my digital messaging, but today they’re a part of every day life, just as they tend to be for most of those who find themselves living as part of a connected world. They’re everywhere we look at this point (we saw “Poop Hats” at the Lake County Fair this summer), and one of the most interesting aspects of their pop culture saturation is that they’ve taken hold without a tv show or movie (though one is coming) to support it – they’re just already naturally in your pocket… living in your smartphone or mobile device. Kids have been giving the Emoji (which I figure is both singular and plural, a la “Jedi”) personalities to back up what they already represent, but now things are getting even more detailed with Fun 2 Play Toys‘ new collection of EMOJIEZ – fleshed-out characters available across a variety of sub-lines. Sent to us for review in our Toy Testing Facility here at Rock Father HQ, Finley (already an Emoji enthusiast) and I took a look at a big assortment, plus did some blind bag action…

Emojiez come in a variety of styles, including Buddiez (the kids’ favorite here, part of the micro/mini-collectible craze), Plushiez (large and medium plush), Plushi Palz (plush backpack clips), Slap Bandz (slap bracelets), All-Starz (3.75″ vinyl figures), Squishiez (what it sounds like) Eraserz (yes, erasers) and more.

It is undeniable that the kids love these, and again – it’s the Buddiez that are the huge hit (the mini toys are a big deal, think: Shopkins), followed closely by the Plushi Palz. 


As the emoji craze carries on, I’m including these as an early pick for my 2016 Holiday Wish Guide – they’re perfect stocking stuffers… but there’s also something else…

From Twizmo Games comes a find from the Sweet Suite portion of Blogger Bash NYC, EMOJI WARS Fantasy Card Game – Where Emojis Meet Epic Card Play. There’s 102 collector cards in total, with rulers, allies, weapons, magic, energy and shields available. No two games are alike, but which Emoji will wind up on top to rule the Emoji Empire?


Look for all of these items in-stores now, or find more info at Emojiez.com and Twizmo Games.

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