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evilerecordsI’ve been sitting on a copy of FIVE SERPENT’S TEETH, the third album from UK thrashers EVILE since early September and almost feel a bit bad that I’m just throwing down a few words about it right now. Almost. I’m a busy guy, so I get to things when I get to ’em. That said, EVILE should be proud of themselves, as they’ve crafted a very entertaining record.

By now I’m sure that the band and their reps are tired of hearing comparisons to theghosts of thrashers past, but when someone tells you that EVILE recalls a time when METALLICA made good music and not horseshit like LULU, they’re speaking the truth. FIVE SERPENT’S TEETH is 53 minutes of angry, full-speed-ahead thrash metal devoid of the light-hearted cheesiness that assisted in killing thrash the first time around, and is currently poisoning the new wave. The roots here are tied to SLAYER, EXODUS, and so on.

EVILE is smart by keeping the record fairly lean and devoid of bloat. At 6:04, Xaraya is the longest song in the bunch, while the rest keep it right around the 5-minute mark. They open strong with the title track, and then keep the momentum going. Cult and Eternal Empire stand out, while one of my personal favorites finds itself tucked into the #7 slot in the form of Centurion.

The Bottom Line: FIVE SERPENT’S TEETH stands tall right now, but only time will tell it’s lasting power. Other revivalist thrash records that have impressed upon the first few listens have failed to stand up to a few months, much less a few years when it comes to replay enjoyment. Nearly three months in for me, and EVILE is still spinning – which is a very good sign.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

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