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fallofthecoverThere’s a terrible thing that happens to those like myself that are known for spouting often sarcastic opinions regarding musical entertainment on the internet… people like to give us things that they swear we’ll like, and most of the they’re wrong. In fact, it’s about a 50/50 when it comes to the old ‘since you dig (insert band here), you’ll just love my band!‘ routine.

Fortunately, for FALL OF THE ALBATROSS, they were correct in their assumption that I would enjoy their sonic output.

On their new ENTANGLEMENT EP, the band from Queens, NYC proves themselves a worthy player in a genre that defies standard classification, one the band themselves have dubbed ‘Progtechjazzmacore‘. Like BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME and CANDIRIA before them, FOTA manage to seamlessly walk the fine line between beauty and chaos, but they bring something else to the table that few (if any) bands in this realm can claim to hold… soul.

There’s a flow on Dulce de Lechethat brings a MR. BUNGLE vibe both after and before a noisecore nightmare, ending with legitimately soulful vox. The funk groove that permeates Enjoy Yo’ Self is complemented by solid jazz riffing on guitar and drums, while the keys bring the 70’s swagger into full climax right before something brutal happens at 2:47:  Hardcore breakdown. To hear another example of stellar playing, check out the set closer of The Silver Epic.

As if genetically engineered in a lab from DNA extracted from all the aforementioned bands along with that of GLASSJAW, DEFTONES, INFECTIOUS GROOVES, and PARLIMENT FUNKADELIC, FALL OF THE ALBATROSS is a band not to be missed for those who crave calculated insanity.

Rating: 4/5

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