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Father and Daughter Team-Up for the BAND ON THE MOON EP…

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Brian over at Silber Records (a longtime supporter of this site) hit me with an email this weekend about a new EP that they’ve released… BAND ON THE MOON. Not “Family Music” in the traditional sense, BAND ON THE MOON is a collaboration between Shaun Sandor of PROMUTE and his four-year-old daughter, Zlata. The end result is a five-song set of experimental tunes that reinforce Silber’s commitment to “passing the music on to the next generation & family being the most important thing in the world.”

Notes from Shaun on the songs:
bandonthemoon2Band on the Moon – When we started this whole thing, I asked Zlata what she would call the EP & instantly she said Band on the Moon. She said, “They’re rockin’, they’re rockin’, the Band on the Moon!” So that was a really easy one. She helped me put the space sounds in the beginning. I tried recording my vocal as a radio in a spacesuit.
Hiya (The Karate Song) – This was her idea as well, she asked if I could record her jumping around doing her version of Karate & saying “Hiya” (which she does often), & I did. I put the action music in later.
Party Balloons – This was one we talked about & wrote together. I just put a mic in front of her & asked her what color party balloons there are.
Snail – This was another concept song that she said, “Hey, we could say ‘snail’ really loud” & I tried to create a slow moving feel for the song. She didn’t want to write any other words for it.
What Do You Say – Something that she wanted to do was animal sounds, but there are a hundred songs like that, so I started adding in sounds in general & just let her make the sounds. Additional vocals by Magdalena Sandor on this track. We had fun recording the sounds vocals in an evening.

Check out some tracks, or just download the whole thing for only $1 over at Silber Media.

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