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Remember DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB? Yes, the folks with the hilarious viral clip about their “F***in’ Great” razor blades that I (like most web jockeys) posted about back in March of 2012. Back then, I said that “I can’t vouch for their blades just yet.” Now I can… but I’m still lazy as hell when it comes to shaving and buying razors.

I’m 36-years-old, a Father of two, and while I take great care of the girls, I’m terrible at taking care of myself. When I last shaved in mid-May, I mangled my face with a triple-blade disposable razor that I bought at Target. It was store brand (Up and Up), the kind you buy like 6 per pack for about $8. It was a price-based mistake, and one I’ve made often. By the time I was finished, I could smell the iron coming from the blood on my face. For a few moments, I understood what it’s like to be a Vampire… to capture the scent of fresh plasma. 

shaveclubrfWith Father’s Day approaching, the kind souls at Dollar Shave Club reached out to me to see if they could help me do something about the three weeks of hair growth upon my face. “Excellent, indeed. Thank you, Dollar Shave Club. I accept your offer,” I said. In mere days, a mighty razor came to my aid, arriving here at Rock Father HQ in a simple, brown envelope. Much to my surprise and delight, it was the 4X aka “The Lover’s Blade,” and it brought friends… a few sample packets of the new Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter. Having dealt with sensitive skin, irritation and ingrown hairs caused by shaving in the past, I’ve tried dozens of different shave creams and gels over the years. Could this be the magic solution?

I’m always skeptical… and known for ripping apart products that I don’t feel are up to par or their own hype. Today came time to see if Dollar Shave Club was really as badass as Michael Dubin would have us all believe… and I started my day by letting my oldest daughter take a picture of me wearing the new HELLO KITTY bicycle helmet I bought for her…


Dollar Shave Club lives up to the hype.

WP 20130605 019

100% no bullshit. The 4X Blades combined with the Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter managed to cut through the forest on my face with ease. No wounds… perfectly smooth. And actually, I think I look pretty good… and yes, the long goatee is still intact!

Lomogram 2013-06-05 06-45-2

Now, if there was a Dollar Weight Club to help me shed some of these pounds, I could look pretty good by the time I hit 40 in a few years…

I always say that I don’t require a Father’s Day Gift, but for those of you seeking to get something for that special Dad in your life – keep the cost within reason. Dollar Shave Club fits the bill. They have low-cost gift certificate options that make this something I can highly recommend for my 2013 Father’s Day Gift Guide. Learn more at

P.S. – They now have butt wipes for men. Again, no bull… but they are for… you know. One Wipe Charlie’s just launched this week, and while I haven’t tried them myself (yet), I’ll admit to grabbing one of the girls’ Pull-Ups wipes on occasion. Check out the new viral spot below…


FTC Disclosure: Yeah, The Rock Father got some free shaving gear from Dollar Shave Club… but he would never, ever accept payment in exchange for a review. Not how he rolls… cash for review is unethical and not how he plays the game. Great product = great review. Terrible product = terrible review. All opinions are that of James Zahn, with possible influence from his children.

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