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First Music Class with Little Finley… and Have You Heard the DAD METAL?


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I will start by asking you the same question that I’ve been asked several times so far today: “Have you seen DAD METAL?” (or, “Dude, why haven’t you posted about this yet?” if you’re me). Now, let’s put this another way – you know those OSCAR MAYER Selects “Yes Food” Lunch Meat commercials where some sad Dad is constantly told “NO” by his boring wife when he tries to do cool things like ride a tractor through a Home Depot or quit his job to start a blog (seriously, who would ever do that?)… well imagine that we’ve just found out what happens to that Dad (played by actor Ben Weber) and his friends after the lunch meat and hot dog ads are over. They turn to DAD METAL and DAD METAL II: 18 YEARS OF HELL, both of which are available from a TV offer or by calling 1-800-666-6666 (or so says FUNNY OR DIE). Take a look…


http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/704423c67a/dad-metal” title=”‘from Spencer Riviera”>Dad Metal – watch more http://www.funnyordie.com/” title=”on Funny or Die”>funny videos


So why hadn’t I posted about the DAD METAL yet, even though it’s already been on just about every hard rock/metal website, and a few parenting blogs, too? Well, I was out being a Dad. In fact, today was Little Finley’s first Music & Movement class… the same one her big sister took a few years ago. 

Finn and Daddy

As of today, I’m officially in the world of juggling multiple activities at the exact same time for both girls, and doing even more commuting to and from. While Addie was in class, I was too with Finn. They sure do grow up fast. Actually, you wanna see something cool? Take a peek at The Rock Daughters


Let there be rock…

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