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I’ve been meaning to write a blog about the classic, 1970s FISHER-PRICE Record Player, but this isn’t why: A guy has come up with a creative way to mill brand-new records for the iconic toy. The story hit Gizmodo this evening and linked to the original instructions on how to pull this off.

I had the original record player back in my younger years, and my daughter has since gotten the reproduction ‘Classic Toys’ version that FISHER-PRICE has been selling through retailers such as Target for the past few years. Interestingly enough, these instructions will only work for the original version, which contains a small music box in the ‘arm’ of the player. The reproduced version looks the same, but now takes batteries to fake the music box sound, while still requiring the child to wind a crank to spin the actual platter.

Check out a custom record of the STAR WARS theme playing in the video below…


And “Stairway to Heaven…”


If you’re handy with some tools, check out the full details here.

Thanks to Greasy Kids Stuff on Facebook for pointing me toward this cool story. 

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