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While it’s The Black Series Luke Skywalker and Wampa that’s officially featured as today’s entry into Hasbro’s Force Friday Countdown Calendar, I figured it was worth looking a bit further back than a set of figures from 2015 – back to a time when kids were just discovering THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. Actually, I’d bet that when Kenner had the commercials for their “Hoth Wampa” produced, the film probably wasn’t even out yet – as the kid in the commercial says “Wampa, Wampa, Wampa!” everytime the Wampa opens his mouth. It would be like saying “Chewie, Chewie, Chewie!” every time you played with your Chewbacca action figure. Amusing, yes – but still not right. 

Keep your browser pointed toward THE ROCK FATHER as we continue the #ForceFridayCountdown en route to #ForceFriday, the day that new Hasbro toys for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS arrive at retail! 52 Days to Go!

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