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Force Friday Countdown: STAR WARS The Power of The Force Mon Mothma – 91 Days to Go…


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Many Bothans died to bring you today’s entry into Hasbro’s Force Friday Countdown Calendar, and thus, the same feature here on THE ROCK FATHER. Who were Bothans? No one really cared or questioned that when Mon Mothma informed us of their death in 1983’s STAR WARS EPISODE VI: RETURN OF THE JEDI. We just figured that they were important, and that Mon Mothma – a figure of authority for the Rebellion – was also important. So let’s just assume for a moment that many of them sacrificed themselves in order for me to bring you these words today – an ode to the 1998 action figure from Hasbro’s THE POWER OF THE FORCE collection.

Mon Mothma also had scenes in REVENGE OF THE SITH (all cut, but included on some DVD releases), and when on to appear in animated form in THE CLONE WARS.

 Keep your browser pointed toward THE ROCK FATHER as we continue the #ForceFridayCountdown en route to #ForceFriday, the day that new Hasbro toys for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS arrive at retail! 91 Days to Go!

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