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#ForGrownups: AMERICAN BORN MOONSHINE is Running in Six States (Please Rock Responsibly)

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Independence Day… The 4th of July… Americans dig their celebrations, and along with it, the grownups in the crowd do enjoy a tasty beverage on occasion, myself included… from time to time. I’ve featured a few brews here on THE ROCK FATHER in the past, and while I’ve covered beer and wine, I don’t think I’ve ever covered whiskey in the past, but that changes today with some news that landed here at Rock Father HQ about AMERICAN BORN MOONSHINE. See, as a kid – my knowledge of runnin’ moonshine came courtesy of the Duke boys – yep, THE DUKES OF HAZZARD – who were known to toss some of Uncle Jesse’s signature recipe in the trunk of their bright orange Dodge Charger, and proceed to run from the law a bit. So why AMERICAN BORN MOONSHINE now? Because the makers officially enter California today… the 4th of July… and they’ve got a massive event schedule spread across the State.

“Moonshining’s history with California dates back to the early 1930’s when many businesses offered thirsty travelers the outlawed beverage as a respite from their travels along Route 66. As a company whose product is rooted our country’s history, we can think of no better way or time to bring American Born Moonshine – the best tasting and highest quality Moonshine available on the market – back to the West Coast than during the weekend that celebrates our Nation’s birth.”Sean Koffel, Co-Founder, AMERICAN BORN MOONSHINE
The American Born Moonshine family of products includes three flavors – Original, Apple Pie and Dixie – and honors the tradition of authentic mountain moonshine and the patriotic American rebel spirit. American Born Moonshine Original is a 103-proof, unaged corn whiskey made from a blend of corn, sugar and water. The recipe is high in corn content yet still embraces the sugar to allow for a smooth finish and remarkable mixability. American Born Moonshine Apple Pie is made from a corn base with natural apple and cinnamon flavors and a hint of caramel. American Born Moonshine Dixie is the first-ever sweet tea-flavored moonshine. Dixie is made from a corn base combined with natural tea flavors. Both the Apple Pie and Dixie flavors are 83 proof.
All three of these have the potential to be Rock Father-approved, but I really want to check out that Apple Pie and Dixie…
American Born Moonshine, was launched by Windy Hill Spirits, a Nashville-based company founded in 2012 by Patrick Dillingham and Sean Koffel.
Dillingham, a former Notre Dame quarterback, and Koffel, a former U.S. Marine Corps Captain and Iraq War veteran set out to bring a moonshine whiskey to consumers that would honor the incredible tradition of American moonshiners. Over the last decade, the two were inspired by amazing family moonshine stories and recipes shared by friends and fellow Marines that grew up in and around the Appalachian Mountains. While starting Windy Hill Spirits and American Born Moonshine, Dillingham and Koffel spent a year traveling the Appalachians and the greater South, spending time with families, hearing first-hand accounts of moonshining and bootlegging legends, tasting a lot of great moonshine, and developing an enormous appreciation for the role moonshine has played in American history. 
The guys plan to roll out Nationwide over the next two years. You know what would go good with this post? The 2010 single from the late AMERICAN BANG (now The Cadillac Three), “Whiskey Walk” –
As I state with any #ForGrownups beverage post here on THE ROCK FATHER, please rock responsibly. You can check out more about AMERICAN BORN MOONSHINE on their official site, only if you’re 21+
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