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Will You Adopt a Horrible Fuggler for the Holidays?


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You know those stories about the “overnight success?” As is usually the case, for Fugglers, “overnight” is actually more like eight years – a fantastic story about how a random purchase of a bag of fake plastic teeth led to a series of handmade dolls sold on Etsy that eventually wound-up being picked up by one of the world’s leading toymakers. Fugglers – short for “funny ugly monsters” – spent years being produced as one-offs, each crafted with care by their maker, Louise McGettrick. Their viral success led to celebrity fans like Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker James Gunn (currently prepping a new Suicide Squad for DC) as images spread that erroneously pushed the idea that these creatures had mouths full of real, human baby teeth. Of course, they did not, but the rumors only helped the legend to grow, and eventually the Fugglers would land a new ally in Spin Master, the team behind PAW Patrol, Cool Maker, Air Hogs and other hot toys. The creatures would be refined and readied for the masses, officially infesting retailers including Target and GameStop this summer, and currently landing as one of just a few new toys to secure spots on both my 31 Days of Halloween and Holiday Wish Guide™ here at The Rock Father™ Magazine. Will you adopt one of these horrible, life-ruining creatures?

Fuggler in a Tree

Like Cabbage Patch Kids and Neonate Babies, the adoption process is part of the Fugglers experience, but unlike those other toys, Fugglers are officially described as being “filthy weirdos” that can “sabotage your own happiness” and make you “immediately regret your decision.” That’s all said in jest (or is it?) from the new custodians at Spin Master, who are either responsible for “breeding” the beasts, or capturing them using their “humane and industry-leading Fuggler-wrangling techniques.” That’s assuming you believe that the Fugglers aren’t just a toy, and as you stare into their Coraline-esque vacant button eyes, you just may realize that there’s a dark, yet loving soul that’s housed within their soft plush bodies.

Fuggler Pic by Addie There's a Fuggler behind that Pumpkin

Our Fuggler has been part of the family for a few months now and hasn’t caused too much trouble, so I’m calling this a Rock Father-approved situation. They’re safe for kids ages 4 and up, but Fugglers love human companions of all ages. 

Please keep in mind that if you’re buying a Fuggler as a gift, the MSRP is just $14.99. Based on style and availability, these little ones have become a popular item on the secondary market, so if you see a higher price, chances are you’re seeing it offered by a third-party seller.

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