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Funko x Playmobil Officially Launches! EE-Exclusive TMNT Fig joins Ghostbusters, Doctor Who and more!


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Last year, one big story out of New York Toy Fair was that for the very first time, Playmobil would be issuing toys based on famous pop culture licenses. Promised to debut in 2017, this was exciting news on its own, but another component of the launch was revealed to be a collaboration with Funko on some larger figures presented in 6″ scale. Today, Funko x Playmobil is a reality, and the first wave of 6″ collectible figures is available for pre-order through my ally, Entertainment Earth! The first twelve figures are spread over five pop culture licenses including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Doctor Who and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory… and one of them is an Entertainment Earth Exclusive TMNT Black and White Raphael!

1200x628 fp blog tmnt exclusive

Since 1974, Playmobil figures and playsets have been world-renowned for their German quality and detail, becoming popular here at Rock Father HQ thanks to our daughters over the past few years (Santa brought the Playmobil Hospital last month). For the Funko collaboration, these 6″ figures double the size, with articulation at the shoulders and wrists, along with included accessories for most figures.

1200x628 fp blog tmnt

Funko x Playmobil – TMNT

1200x628 fp blog bttf

Funko x Playmobil – Back to the Future:

1200x628 fp blog ghostbusters

Funko x Playmobil – Ghostbusters:

1200x628 fp blog willywonka

Funko x Playmobil – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

1200x628 fp blog doctorwho

Funko x Playmobil – Doctor Who

As always, if this collaboration goes well, you can expect more pop culture lines from Funko x Playmobil down the road. And, for fans of the traditional Playmobil figures, a new trailer for Playmobil Ghostbusters is due February 1, with toys set to hit the streets in May.

Stay tuned!

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