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Prepare thy Robo-Carp for the arrival of FUTURE-WORM! (and Neil deGrasse Tyson)

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The Future Scientists have confirmed what we long-predicted… the impending arrival of a being so remarkable, his mere existence may create a massive ripple… or better yet, a worm-hole in the fabric of space and time. I’m talking about FUTURE-WORM!, and with his self-titled animated series coming to Disney XD on August 1st, the time is now to prepare thy Robo-Carp for a bold new world of mighty adventure! Are you reading this article on your Future-Fone? If not, simply tape a Nerf dart to the top of your “smart” device and we should be good. When I last told you about FUTURE-WORM!, creator Ryan Quincy was throwing down some knowledge (read my interview here) on the genesis of his latest series and the nuts and bolts (and maybe Nerf) behind it. Now comes a new video with Five Fun Future-Worm! Facts that you should know…

Robo-CarpNow, you may still be wondering what a Robo-Carp is, and that’s a completely valid concern. Legend says that Robo-Carp was “originally designed and intended as a robotic swiss army knife with state of the art laser defense and tracking systems,” but that it “was quickly discontinued after suffering numerous technical difficulties.”

Where things get even weirder in Rock Father World™ as opposed to the real world where all of you most likely live, Robo-Carp has actually made the jump from 2D animated character into the realm of live-action, physical robot. Indeed, I have seen Robo-Carp, and having been in the same room with him, I’m fairly convinced that he’s made of felt, cardboard and Sharpie mounted atop some odds-and-ends from Radio Shack circa 1985 – and that’s totally cool. What he lacks in function is totally made up for in personality, but since he can also become a microwave, the function is also pretty solid, albeit unpredictable. On the show, Robo-Carp is a fine companion for Danny (voiced by Andy Milonakis) and the titular FUTURE-WORM!


As yes, Legend of Science® Neil deGrasse Tyson is in the house as NDT, bringing some legit scientific backbone to a series about what happened when Future Scientists placed an ordinary worm into a Genetic Escalator to increase its intellectual capacity by 900,000%, infusing it with an insatiable need for adventure, all prior to sending him back to the present to be in the care and companionship of 12-year-old Danny Douglas, proud owner of a Time Machine Lunch Box. 


And did I mention that FUTURE-WORM! also has a Photo Receptor Visor, Titanium Reinforced Abs and a Bullet-Proof Beard? Check out the series on August 1, 2016 at 11am ET/PT to join the fun! In the meantime, get a taste of the future below…

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