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The folks at Winning Moves have really been carrying the torch for classic board games these past few years, and one of their most recent releases is also one of the most familiar. After crafting modern re-issues of several timeless favorites that we have here in the game closet at Rock Father HQ (Pop-O-Matic Trouble, Yahtzee, Sorry!, Ouija, among others), their classic edition of CANDY LAND presents the game in the form that a lot of old folks grownups like myself remember it – even going back a generation or two beyond my own, reproducing the original artwork in vibrant color, with the plastic gingerbread game pieces ready to traverse the road to “Home Sweet Home,” while avoiding the perils of the Cherry Pitfall and Molasses Swamp.


Like many families, we have a few different versions of CANDY LAND on-hand, including an early 2000’s “Deluxe” edition that went as far as to include detailed figurines as game tokens, and replacing the end destination with a massive castle. In the end, it’s the core gameplay that really matters, and that’s why this “sweet little game for sweet little folks” has been delighting families for over 65 years.


ROCK FATHER APPROVEDIn fact, when it comes to CANDY LAND, it’s Classic CANDY LAND that has become our go-to edition to play here at home. 100% Rock Father-approved!

Produced by Winning Moves under license from Hasbro. Available at Amazon or

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