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Garden Project: Grandparents’ Antique Planters 2012 Edition

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Last Fall, one of the most popular posts on the Mach 1 version of The Rock Father (since reposted here) was a Garden Project transforming two antique washtubs that belonged to the little one’s Great Grandparents. For the summer of 2012, those washtubs have kept their position as planters, but with a different flowering assortment. Here’s a look at what we did on planting day, May 14th, and a look at what they look like on June 10.

May 14:
June 10:

May 14:
June 10:

While the Fall assortment was heavy on the Mums, we went with Petunias and Marigolds for Summer. Now, if you noticed in the first picture, the round washtub now has a mate, which we’ve planted to be an identical match to the original. Where did we find a matching tub? Well, depending on who you talk to, I either saved it from the trash, or I stole it. I’d like to think that I liberated it from years of sitting in a rusty junk pile. Here’s where I found it:
Reduce. Re-use. Recycle. 

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