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Updated July 20, 2017. I’ve been buying these traps every season since this review was posted. Sadly, they’re being temporarily taken off the market… for being too good. Read more about this new development here.

This is one of those rare occasions where I get to share an item with all of you that is supposed to accomplish a very specific task… and I have personal proof that it can do what it claims. With warmer weather hitting and families starting to spend more time outside, those biting pests are going to be emerging, and even though it’s still kind of on the cool side – they’re here. And this is the time to wipe them out. In our case, we have a WASP (not to be confused with W.A.S.P.) problem here at Rock Father HQ that’s only been getting worse by the year. Paper Wasps are making nests everywhere – under the overhangs on the house, under the railings of the deck, inside the framework of our shed, and at one point they’d actually built in the legs of my old grill. If you can “Catch the Queen” in the Spring, you can keep the Wasps from building nests. That’s where the RESCUE! TrapStik for Wasps comes into play…

TrapStikRESCUE! sent me one of their new traps a few weeks ago, a simple set-up made of cardboard and plastic, odor and pesticide-free. As the name implies, it’s sticky, and using their VisiLure Technology, an appealing set of colors and patterns are designed to lure the Wasps in, and there they will stay. It’s waterproof (already made it through a few storms), safe, and easy to place wherever Wasps may be. I went with a sheperd’s hook placed in-between the shed and deck, where Wasps tend to gather.

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It was just 50 degrees today, and while that might not be what immediately strikes as being Wasp weather, I was surprised to check the trap today and find this…


That is a confirmed kill right there. A Queen Paper Wasp, verified by RESCUE! But that wasn’t the only one. The six-sided trap had a couple of other Wasps, some Bees, Flies, and a ton of gnats. 

Proof that this thing does exactly what it claims to, and I plan to buy more of them. With a suggested price of $7.99, the RESCUE! TrapStik for Wasps should be available at Independent Garden Centers, along with majors like Home Depot and Lowe’s. In the summer months, they can help wipe out the aggressive Worker Wasps, and should you find active nests, placing this nearby will help deplete the army without messy sprays.

Rock Father Approved!Little Addie got stung three times last year. Yours truly got zapped once. If I can keep my girls and myself sting-free this year, that would certainly rock. Consider the TrapStik to be Rock Father-Approved! 

RESCUE! also has some TrapStik’s for flies, and I plan to try those soon as well. Learn more at


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