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gDiapers launch special Earth Day-inspired gPants…


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While updating the site one night last week, I came across some ads that were getting served up for a product called gDiapers. I’d never heard of the environmentally-friendly diapering system prior to seeing the ads, but the fact that they’re super-cute piqued my interest. With baby #2 on the way in less than three months, I’m certainly open to something outside the standard Huggies/Pampers/Store-brand realm, and maybe gDiapers is the solution? Well, today I received word directly from the gDiapers PR camp that they’ve issued special-edition ”Good Lovin’ Little gPants” with an Earth Day theme. Check out the pics and info below…

gdip1Here’s the official word on gDiapers:
“gDiapers are simply adorable diaper covers with disposable, 100% biodegradable inserts or the choice to use gCloth. So less waste goes in landfills. Their diaper covers are playful on the outside and high-tech on the inside, so baby’s precious skin can breathe. More comfort. Less rash. Because with so many changes a day, diapering should be a beautiful ritual. gDiapers is a B-Corp certified and Flex-Friendly company, who is as passionate about the planet and people as they are about diapers. “

Curious to learn more? Check out http://www.gdiapers.com 

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