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gDiapers launches gStyle Spring Collection of Tops and Bottoms…


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When I first posted about gDiapers and their limited-edition Earth Day gPants last month, I also tossed a question out to my friends on Facebook and here on The Rock Father™ site. With Baby #2 on the way in June, should I give these earth-friendly diapers a shot? The answer was an overwhelming ”Yes!” thrown back at me from readers and commenters alike. A few days later, a mysterious knock at the door was heard, and a care package from gDiapers was found sitting on the doorstep here at Rock Father HQ. Come June, I will be blogging about my experience with the adorable little diapers, and sharing some pics. In the meantime, I received a little bit of news from the folks at gDiapers regarding a new ‘Spring Collection’ of coordinating tops and bottoms. I’m a sucker for cute.

From the Press Release: With Earth Day quickly approaching, gDiapers continues to take diapering to a new height of hip. gStyle is back with limited edition top and bottom sets that coordinate with each other. Or mix and match the tops with the other little gPants in the collection. gStyle is produced in limited quantities and can be gone before you know it!

gDiapers does fashion from top to bum with gStyle. Baby will blossom in this sunny floral print. The limited edition gBloom little gPants coordinates with the gBloom dress. Worn together or separate, it’s a bouquet of cute either way.


Fair Dinkum:
gDiapers does fashion from top to bum with gStyle. Fair dinkum means being genuine and real with everyone you encounter. The limited edition fair dinkum little gPants coordinates with the fair dinkum tee. Worn together or separate, it’s genuinely cute either way.


If you’re digging these little outfits, you can learn more about all the cool items offered by gDiapers by hitting up http://www.gdiapers.com 

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