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I know you don’t want to hear it, but here’s some reality. As I type this, there are only 78 days until Christmas. Yes, as people may complain about the “Christmas Creep,” make no mistakes, and don’t let the holidays creep up on you. They’re practically here, and once November hits, families will be hitting the road for Thanksgiving gatherings, Fall Harvest, and X-mas aside… Hanukkah actually starts on Thanksgiving this year! As someone that has had two separate auto malfunctions on Thanksgiving two years in a row (2010 and 2011), getting the cars ready for the holiday season with a little preventative maintenance is something I’m big on here at Rock Father HQ. That said, my friends at Hankook Tires and I have gotten together to dish out a few tips for getting your ride ready to rock the road this Fall… and into the Holiday Season.

The first two? The same things I start with every season… but there’s more…

Check Tire Pressure and Wear:

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  • As with any season, checking your tires for proper inflation pressure and signs of wear is a prime place to start. Your tires are just as important as your car’s engine, and the performance of your vehicle depends on these often-overlooked, yet “right there” items. Aside from the safety risks that can go with improper inflation and wear (accidents, blowouts, etc.), proper tires will also help increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Measure the tread depth – if it’s 2/32″ or less, those tires need to be replaced as they’re going bald. Be familiar with your proper pressure (listed on the tire itself), and check for obvious signs of wear: cracks, scrapes, bulges, cuts, or any signs of trauma. If in doubt, visit a local retailer for a professional inspection, because there’s going to be ice ahead.

Oil and Fluids:

  • A regular oil change is a no-brainer, yet I still know a few people that avoid them. This small investment (usually between $20-$60) should be done every 3-5K miles as instructed by your vehicle’s owners manual. It’s a small price to pay now that could save you big bucks down the line. Like proper tire care, maintaining your engine will aid in fuel efficiency, and prolong the life of your ride. Make sure that your transmission fluid is good and running clean, and that other liquids such as coolant, brakes and power steering are all topped off. Fill up the washer fluid, too, and look for one with a de-icer in it!

Wipers and Blades, Scrapers and Brushes:

  • Living in Northern Illinois, the weather is unpredictable as-is. We’re already to the point of flip-flopping the air conditioning and the furnace. Since you never know when snow and ice are going to hit in a full blast, make sure your wiper blades are fresh and working properly, and that your vehicle has a scraper and brush in it. I’ve been “that guy” who gets stuck using his sleeve for snow removal because my brushes are still in my garage.

Interior Cleaning:

  • Sure, the car will eventually start getting messed-up with ice and salt residue on the mats, but starting fresh for holiday travel is always a good idea. I actually need to do mine right now, as my Equniox still has a trunk full of straw from when I picked up pumpkins and straw bales last week.

Rock for the Road:

  • Music is just as essential as the fuel in your tank. Recent family-friendly albums from CASPAR BABYPANTS, LUCKY DIAZ & THE FAMILY JAM BAND, RED YARN, and LLOYD H. MILLER are just a few new titles out, and within days of posting this entry, POOCHAMUNGAS and RECESS MONKEY will have new records out. After-hours adventures without the family like I sometimes have? Yeah, I rock the metal quite a bit, and new Fall records from CARCASS and BROKEN HOPE have been getting some play, along with that new MEGADETH “Countdown to Extinction” live album.

Those are just a few tips on getting your ride ready to rock the road before the holidays. And, if you did find out that you need tires, check out the all-new Ventus S1 noble2 from Hankook.

VENTUS S1 Noble2

ventusDesigned with an Asymmetric tread pattern, the Ventus S1 noble2 incorporates a Four Channel Rib Design for efficient water evacuation and an advanced silica rubber compound to offer impressive wet handling and braking. A straight Rib Block design applied to the outside of the tire’s contact patch helps to prevent unwanted road noise and increase cornering grip, while multiple 3D Kerfs and Carving Edges provide improved winter condition traction. Additionally, the Ventus S1 noble2 offers a 50,000 mile limited treadlife warranty. The Ventus S1 noble2 is the Ideal Balance of All-Season Ultra-High Performance.

Before your holiday schedule gets crazy, take care of your car now – especially your tires. Save with Hankook Tire’s Great Hit Rebate, $80 off a set of 4 Ventus S1 noble2 tires. 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Hankook Tires. The opinions and text are all mine.


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