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Get Ready to Sip Some Gin & Juice by Dre and Snoop


The 30th anniversary of Snoop Dogg’s debut album, Doggystyle, produced by Dr. Dre, is being celebrated in a big way.

Gin & Juice By Dre and Snoop is the first ready-to-drink product from the duo’s new premium spirits company. The canned, gin-based cocktail brand is inspired by Snoop’s Grammy-nominated 1994 jam, “Gin and Juice,” and comes in four flavors: Citrus, Melon, Passionfruit, and Apricot.

“Together, we always try to create magic, we’re having fun being creative, and everything about this product is really us,” Dr. Dre says. “There’s passion behind it, and friendship and love and a culture. We’re shooting to make everything we do magnificent, and fortunately, most of the time we hit the target.”

“Look where we’re at in our careers,” Snoop Dogg adds. “Look at our age and look at what we’ve done, and we still love each other, so why not do something together? A lot of times people have been in a relationship for thirty years and can’t talk to each other, can’t hang out, so it’s just fun to be in a partnership with people that you actually love.”

Gin & Juice By Dre and Snoop was announced at a Super Bowl afterparty earlier this month and will be distributed across the U.S. by Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits.

Dre and Snoop’s new spirits company is led by Patrick Halbert, Andrew Gill, and Rocco Milano, the founders of On The Rocks Cocktails. In addition to Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, investors include Jimmy Iovine, Main Street Advisors, Marc Rowan and Tom Werner.

Check out what Dre and Snoop are up to at bydreandsnoop.com

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