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Toy Review: GHOSTBUSTERS Metals Diecast Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Peter Venkman & Slimer


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In the past year or so, there’s been a growing number of diecast metal figures hitting the market, each from toymakers looking to do something a bit different to stand out from the already crowded pack. Generally, when one thinks of diecast, it would be in reference to toy cars, and that category is one that the folks at Jada Toys know very well. Now they’re putting their toolmaking skills to work with a new line called METALS that were once teased as being “worth the weight” – and they do have some bulk, firmly stamped as being “HEAVY.” I know a thing or two about “heavy metal,” so I appreciate the concept. Having tackled characters from both DC Comics and the MARVEL Universe, this summer brought a tie-in for the relaunched GHOSTBUSTERS franchise with an assortment of GHOSTBUSTERS Classics focusing on characters from Ivan Reitman’s 1984 film. All four members of the crew are available, including Egon Spengler, Ray Stantz, Winston Zeddemore and Peter Venkman. Also issued were the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and a two-pack featuring a “slimed” version of Dr. Venkman alongside the famous green ghost, Slimer. The latter two arrived here for review in our Toy Testing Facility at Rock Father HQ™ in a care package from my friends at The Toy Insider. Let’s take a look!

Well-designed and certainly weighty, these METAL figures are mostly diecast as you’d expect, with some rubbery parts like the Proton Pack, the hands, etc. Ypu’ll notice that the packages do state that these are intended for Ages 14+, and that inches them closer to that “adult collector” market, and I believe it is the weight that does it. While I am letting my kids play with these under supervision, there could certainly be the possibility for injury and/or property damage should someone decide to throw one of these across the room like a grenade, so beware of that. The articulation is limited (slight movement on the arms), so for the most part these will be something that looks cool and makes a great display piece.

Venkman vs. Slimer

While 2016’s GHOSTBUSTERS didn’t quite make the splash that many were hoping for (personally, I really enjoyed it and look forward to seeing it again), the classics never die, and the GHOSTBUSTERS franchise will live on, and continued new toys based on the first film will always find an audience.

Rock Father-Approved!

Finley & Stay Puft

THE ROCK FATHER is a Parent Panelist for The Toy Insider. #WeKnowPlay

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