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LEGO Brand RetailNot only is a Lego themed party a great and very popular idea for flustered parents trying to come up with new party themes, it’s a particularly popular idea with the kids themselves. Despite being one of the simpler toys, Lego remains hugely popular with kids of all ages – not to mention a few highly talented adults. As a party theme not only is it popular but it’s very easy to construct nearly everything for yourself.

Cubic Confections

1. Thanks to the simple block shape of Lego, a Lego cake is relatively easy to create. Any basic sponge cake can be used along with cupcakes to make the ‘studs’. Plain icing mixed with food colouring creates the finished brick. For the daring a tower cake created using several blocks of cake makes an eye catching centre piece for the table. Create each ‘block’ and cover with different coloured icing; for three layers you only need studs to appear on the top one (thankfully!).

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2. Cake pops; these are a little more complex. Individual rectangles of cake mix need to be cut to lollipop size and then suitable sweets (M&Ms or Smarties) are used to create the studs. You’ll need to stick the studs on securely with chocolate, and then pop them in the fridge to set. Once set you can colour plain white chocolate to make the full set of Lego colours, again these will need to be left in the fridge to set once coated. These look great scattered around every available surface at the party – but don’t worry they’ll soon get cleaned up. They are also a great addition to goodie bags.


Creative Crafting

lego-kirigami3. Kirigami Lego figures are an excellent table decoration or can be hung in streamers. They’re easy to draw and cut out and can be created in cardboard if you’re using them for the table, to give them extra strength. Templates are available online if you need a little help with your drawing skills and creating the decorations will be a job that you’ll find willing helpers for, as long as you’re available for the high risk activities like cutting out!

lego-pinata4. Although the basic function of a piñata is to have the living daylights bashed out of it (and hence always a popular item with children) there’s no need for it to not look great to start with! For a Lego themed party the piñata should, of course, be a massive Lego brick; just like the cake, the Lego shape makes a homemade variety extremely easy to construct. One card board box with holes cut in the top, tins to create the studs on the top and either paint or crepe paper for the colour. For those with limited space, and valuable ornaments, a pull cord piñata is better; attach plenty of strings/ribbons to the bottom of the box to create (relatively) easy access to the sweet stuff inside. Ensure there are enough strings for each party-goer to ensure everyone gets chance to destroy your handiwork!

lego-goodie-bagGoodie Bags

5. No party is complete without a goodie bag or box to take home with you. Lego themed boxes should include a small Lego kit – which are easy to find and affordable – cars go down a treat for boys and Lego jewellery kits for girls likewise. Lego sweets are also available widely, and these should be included, alongside at least one of those tasty Lego-pops. The boxes themselves can be created cheaply using bright coloured cards and personalised with Lego lettering to ensure everyone gets the right box!  

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