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H20: JUST ADD WATER – individual seasons coming to DVD this spring…

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Between Ariel from THE LITTLE MERMAID and those Barbie A MERMAID TALE movies, I have my fair share of Mermaid action taking place here at Rock Father HQ. Personally, I’m more of a SPLASH fan myself, but I’m old-school. These young kids, though? They’re all about the Mermaids. Despite having a reported 250 million viewers worldwide, I’d never heard of H20: JUST ADD WATER – an Australian series that runs on Teen Nick here in the U.S. – until tonight. The first three seasons are hitting DVD this March individually (a full-series box set was released last November), prior to the launch of a 26-episode spin-off series called SECRET OF MAKO ISLAND. Details below…

H20: Just Add Water – On DVD March 5…

Watch what happens when three normal teenage girls growing up on sun-drenched beaches Down Under stumble upon an ancient cavern that transforms their lives forever in Teen Nick’s #1 rated series H20: JUST ADD WATER. Sure, they face typical teenage problems, but with an added twist – they’re mermaids with magical powers! This worldwide phenomenon with over 250MM global viewers (whose U.S. ratings have increased by triple digits in 2012), is set to make a splash this March when Flatiron Film Company, a label of Cinedigm (NASDAQ: CIDM), releases each fan-favorite season in three individual, specially-priced releases. Each collectible 4-disc set includes 13 episodes from each season, plus bonus cast photos sure to thrill the show’s fanatical fan base.

H20Emma (Claire Holt – “The Vampire Diaries”, “Pretty Little Liars”, Mean Girls 2), Cleo (Phoebe Tonkin – “The Vampire Diaries”, “The Secret Circle”) and Rikki (Cariba Heine – “Dance Academy”, “The Pacific”) are sixteen-year-old girls growing up on the beautiful beaches of the Gold Coast. For our heroines, life revolves around clothes, the beach and boys – with school as a minor distraction. When they’re accidentally stranded at sea and land on the mysterious Mako Island, they find themselves exploring the eerie, jungle-covered island before becoming trapped in an ancient cavern beneath a volcano. As they swim to safety through an underwater channel, the light from a full moon creates a mysterious glow in the water. After they return to the mainland, however, they discover they’ve undergone a transformation that will change their lives in magical ways.

In H20: JUST ADD WATER: THE COMPLETE SEASON ONE (Pre-order here), the girls enlist the help of Cleo’s friend, Lewis McCartney (Angus McLaren), who attempts to discover the secret behind their transformations. When local bad boy Zane Bennett (Burgess Abernethy) is rescued from a sinking boat by Emma, he sees “something” under the water and embarks on a hunt for the mysterious creature lurking out at sea. When new girl Charlotte (Brittany Burnes), crashes the scene in THE COMPLETE SEASON TWO (Pre-order here), everything changes — she’s ambitious, determined, and wants to become a mermaid herself. And, in THE THE COMPLETE SEASON THREE (Pre-order here), Cleo and Rikki face their last year of high school without Emma, who’s gone overseas and a new girl, Bella (Indiana Evans), is revealed as a mermaid from the sea caves of Ireland.

H2O: JUST ADD WATER is created and produced by Jonathan M. Shiff in association with Nickelodeon®.

Do you know anyone that’s into H20?

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