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(Half)Covered: LIONS LIONS performs “Holy Grail” devoid of JAY-Z verses, heavy on the JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE…

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The crew from Century Media just hit my inbox with a message about LIONS LIONS covering the JAY-Z collaboration with JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, “Holy Grail.” Thing is, they really only half covered it, because they stripped Z’s verses blaming lack of rapping ability in one forum, and use of “the ‘N’ word” in another. Whatever, VAYDEN did just fine with their cover of “H.A.M.” by KANYE WEST and JAY-Z a couple of years ago, and they did it with the lyrics intact. You could also creatively change the offending word, but LIONS LIONS just did a Hova-less version. Check it below, along with some words from the band:


The quote that came with the press release is as follows…

“We are big fans of Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z. When they collaborated on a track, it was the perfect opportunity to cover their combined talent. Unfortunately, due to Jay-Z’s excessive use of the “N” word, we decided to only record Timberlake’s parts. LIONS LIONS saying the “N word would be like Doogie Howser saying the “N” word and we simply can not have any such weirdness.”Brandon Davis, LIONS LIONS

The video description on YouTube is a bit different…

“We are big fans of the original version of this track. Unfortunately none of us have the ability to rap so we left out Jay-Z’s parts. Its best to leave certain things to the professionals. Oh, and lets get real, it would be PRETTY weird if Josh were to say the “N” word a bunch of times.”

If you have an opinion of LIONS LIONS’ version of “Holy Grail,” feel free to share it below.

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