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Hands-On with the Step2 Extreme Coaster in its All-New 2015 Color Scheme…


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Step2 Brand AmbassadorFunny thing is that we live just minutes away from Six Flags Great America here in Illinois, and I have yet to take the girls. We see the roller coasters towering over the horizon on a daily basis, and my little ones keep asking when they can ride those mighty creations. My answer is always “someday, when you’re older.” While they are the right age for the kiddie areas of the park, those coasters are a little way’s off, but this year The Rock Daughters are going to have something very special – their own coaster, right here in our own backyard. Yes, the Step2 Extreme Coaster has become legendary over these past few years, but even as a Step2 Brand Ambassador (on the payroll, disclosure and all), I’d held off on getting one – largely due to it’s coloring. Well, that’s all changed, as Step2 has re-issued the Extreme Coaster in an all-new color scheme and graphics package for 2015. We now have one, but there’s a slight problem… we have over two feet of snow on the ground right now…

Delivered to Rock Father HQ in three boxes via FedEx, the Extreme Coaster warranted something that a lot of you have been asking for – an “Unboxing” Video. Check that out below, complete with some in-action shots of the Extreme Coaster set-up inside here at Rock Father HQ, and how it can be used as a track for toy cars!

Setting up our coaster inside was a challenge due to space, so I had to be waiting at the bottom to catch the girls after each run. When this gets placed outside for the Spring and Summer, there will be plenty of room for the coaster to be launched in all of its glory – and the kids will be required to wear shoes and helmets. 

The true beauty of this coaster right now is how imagination has turned it into many different things. It’s been a launch ramp and arena for diecast cars and monster trucks (PERFECT since the coaster even has a “racing” theme to its graphics package); a “tent” and “shelter” for an indoor campground; and a “rebel base” for playing Star Wars. 


With a posted weight limit of 75 lbs per rider, there’s gonna be a ton of room to grow, but the older kids in the neighborhood should be able to enjoy this for a bit as well. 

Get yours now at Step2.com.

Rock Father-approved and highly-recommended, stay tuned as I’ll be revisiting this one in a few months when I can show it in it’s proper home. But before that, I just may give YOU a chance to score one of these for your own little coaster enthusiasts in the weeks ahead. To be continued…

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