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ADDCoverArt loIt would be easy to imagine a mid-1970’s van with some sweet landscape painted on the side, sitting ominously alone in a parking lot while the sounds of ATTENTION DEFICIT DOMINATION penetrate the thick cloud of smoke being emitted from it’s slightly-cracked windows. The horns get thrown up in Satan’s honor as I Feel Sacrificed crackles from the speakers with a tale of being “beaten black and true.”

Somewhere in the middle of Bend, one of the passengers spills a little bit of whatever was on sale at the local 7-11, pissing off the driver whom just had the shag carpet cleaned a few days prior. As the nearly nine-minute epic of Livin Beyond Doom kicks in, talk of “Alien Gods” grabs the attention of the reefer smoking lad in the back, whose not quite sure if he just heard that voice from the speakers or from outside the van. Paranoia kicks in as he’s passed a beer from the girl in front.

By the time Get Str8 begins its sonic assault, there’s hands being placed underneath shirts and in the pants of the opposite sex. Abruptly interrupted by flashing lights of red and blue and a “tap, tap, tap” on the fogged up window of the van, the full cavalcade of passengers – intoxicated by various forms of substance, love, and hate – make a break for it through the sliding door. Evading the arm of the law by taking refuge in the field of a nearby farm, nothing is left at the van but Goats and Heathens playing to no one but the ears of the heavens.

Bottom Line: With elements of Stoner, Sludge, and Doom Metal all at play, ATTENTION DEFICIT DOMINATION is just 25% of the musical output hitting retail this week from HANK WILLIAMS III. Being released through his own Megaforce-distributed Hank3 Records, ADD is just over 50-minutes of fuzz-wrapped, slow-tempo, rock menace.

Rating: 3.5/5

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