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The Hasbro booth tends to be a must-see at any event, and with numerous exclusives and debuts on-deck, their appearance at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con International (SDCC) is no exception. The crew at Hasbro just sent over details on five new toys from their fall STAR WARS collection, including a pair of new 12″ Electronic Duel figures, some new additions to the famed 3.75″ figure/vehicle assortments. First up: the one that The Rock Daughters™ immediately zeroed-in on with excitement – Hera Syndulla’s A-Wing Fighter from Disney XD’s STAR WARS REBELS!


Star Wars Rebels HERA SYNDULLA’S A–WING™ – It didn’t last long on-screen, but when Hera joined Phoenix Squadron in the second season of STAR WARS REBELS, our kids were excited to see her piloting a new ride (having already seen her helm The Ghost, The Phantom and a B-Wing), and I was excited to see one of my favorite vehicles from years past return. 


Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Speeder Bike (also includes BIKER SCOUT™) – This one doesn’t look much different than the one I had as a kid from Kenner’s RETURN OF THE JEDI collection, nor its reissue as part of the Hasbro/Kenner POWER OF THE FORCE collection of the late 90s. What I can tell you is that you can’t go wrong adding another Speeder Bike to your fleet.  Bonus: The Rock Daughters™ are fantastic Speeder Bike pilots…


Addie on the Forest Moon of Endor


Finn on the Forest Moon of Endor

Star Wars: The Force Awakens REY (JAKKU)™ – We have a few versions of Rey in our collection here at Rock Father HQ, and while it’s sometimes easy as grownups to think (“oh, another collector-geared variant”), it’s been fascinating for my wife and I to see how the girls work the different versions into play. Little Finley, our premiere action figure enthusiast, tends to swap them out “mid-scene” (you could say) and have them say “I just changed clothes!”


Star Wars Rebels 12” ELECTRONIC DUEL™ DARTH VADER™ (STAR WARS REBELS™) and Star Wars Rebels 12” ELECTRONIC DUEL™ KANAN JARRUS™ (STAR WARS REBELS™) – A new type of offering, you can bet kids are gonna be having some epic lightsaber battles when they get their hands on these figures (with sound!) this Fall…


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